Our practices is concentrated on providing legal consultations to entrepreneurs and active companies working in the field of Tourism & Hospitality, we provide their legal needs to manage their business with high-standards.

Our areas of specialties are as follows:

General consultation and drafting contracts & agreements

Our team have worked in a various projects related to the field of tourism and hospitality whether its by representing the owners or operators through drafting , preparing , revising contracts and agreements of management and operation, and contracts and agreements of investment in the field of tourism and hospitality. Especially, determining the parties liabilities who are relevant. For example: Fees & toll for management and operation, the owner and operator’s obligations.

In addition, preparing and providing specialized legal consultation based on what we do from deep analysis and thorough study to the rules and regulations that related. Therefore, providing the upmost protection to the clients working in the field of tourism and hospitality with the highest-standards.