Our practices is concentrated on providing services to the entrepreneurs and companies on a wide variety of legal services that meet their legal needs to manage their business that is related to Real Estate & Contracting by high standards.

Our areas of specialties are as follows:

General consultation

Our team have worked on diverse of agreements related to real estate & contracting. Which includes multiple legal services such as: Real Estate Financing & Development, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures Agreements, and Dispute Resolutions such as: Litigation , Arbitration, Reconciliation , Financing, Guarantees, Short-Term Rents, and Long-Term Rents for housing and trade. And including drafting, preparing , and revising contracts & agreements related. For example but not limited to Contracting & Real Estates contracts, agreements with Engineering Counselors, Agreements & Contracts with Subcontractors and more.

Our team have a high-standard expertise in this field and knowing the best applicable ways. Additionally, our team have a wide range of experience to illustrate to our clients the complicated regulatory framework of real estate and contracting. Which can hugely be different from sector to another. Our expertise in real estate & contracting help us to provide the best options, solutions, and consultation to proceed forward in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Obtaining Licenses & Incorporating Real Estate & Contracting Companies

Our team posses a great experience in providing legal consultations concerning obtaining licenses, incorporating real estate & contracting companies , and representing on behalf of the clients among all the regularity and legal procedures to incorporate these companies.

Acquisition on real estates

Our team on Riyadh and Jeddah have an experience and capability on providing legal consultations in the operations of real estate acquisitions, whether its residential, commercial, or un-developed real estates. In which the legal consultations includes doing a legal due diligence to the targeted real estates, to assure the validity of the deeds and documents related to the targeted real estates, drafting agreements and contracts related to the acquisition, representing on behalf of the clients in front of all governmental bodies related. In addition, we are planning on managing many sides of acquisition operations on behalf of our clients to guarantee a high efficiency execution.

Structuring and re-structuring

Our team have experiences on providing legal consultations to companies working in the real estate & contracting field related to structuring and re-structuring, providing the best suitable suggestions according to the governance standards and suggesting the appropriate structure according to every client’s nature and circumstances, according to the nature of activity and amount of work and much other factors.

Our experiences in the legal services related to real estate & contracting includes:

  1. Represent one of the leading contracting companies in Saudi Arabia in their joint venture project with one of the international construction companies.
  2. Providing legal consultation to many companies working in the real estate & contracting field in different legal needs.
  3. Drafting, revising , adjusting , and providing legal consultations regarding variety of contracts and agreements, for example : lease agreements, joint venture agreements to incorporate real estate projects, contracting contracts (including public and private conditions) and what includes of guarantees, timetables, liabilities & rights, investment acquisition & conductance of real estates, real estate development agreements, and memorandums of understanding related to real estate projects, and other.
  4. Pre-paring and making legal due diligence reports to many of our clients for the purpose of real estate acquisition.
  5. Providing legal consultations regarding incorporating many companies working in the field of real estate & contracting in Saudi Arabia, and determine the suitable structure that cope with the best ways and governance standards regarding the best rules and regulations that related.
  6. Representing one of the leading contracting companies in Saudi Arabia in structuring the needed funding to implement one of the biggest real estate projects in Jeddah city.
  7. Representing various financial and investment companies permitted before the Capital Markets Authority of Saudi Arabia (licensed persons) whom they work as fund’s managers, in relation of establishing, incorporating , managing real estate investment funds, and purchasing and acquisition to real estates in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Including, incorporating a commercial real estate fund with a capital of one hundred (100,000,000) million Saudi riyals. Providing legal consultation to a real estate fund with a capital of one hundred fifteen (115,000,000) million. And much more of real estate funds and what is relevant from work & contracting.