At KNP, we take pride in our core value to devote our team's expertise for the benefit of society and to gain broader experiences in return.

Our pro-bono practice was launched since our inception. All our team have participated in pro-bono cases, in which they have sculpted their professionalism in the work field through giving without receiving. We work hard to achieve the same levels of excellence in our pro bono and community investment work, as we do with each and every client.

KNP have successfully handled a couple of pro-bono cases in the past year, which is only the start of our vision and mission to handle volunteer work for a wide range of charitable causes.

Our team have dealt with numerous pro-bono cases, ranging from personal status to disputes in various sectors, such as: labor law, punitive court cases, as well as one to one consultation with clients; in relation to contract drafting and review, and providing legal advice to our pro bono clients.

Our firm has been an active participant in Majid Society; a leading organization promoting the concept of sustainable development, through the exchange of experience and the application of mechanisms essential for the empowerment of individuals within their communities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have also cooperated to aid the society and further involve ourselves by conducting seminars and workshops to spread awareness in the legal sector.